Owner/Construction Manager

Lloyd has extensive knowledge and practical experience in designing and building complicated home remodels and additions. He excels in the high-end remodeling business and processes necessary to complete the most extensive projects. Born in California, Lloyd started early in the building industry, beginning with ground up custom homes to a thriving design build firm on the north shore of Chicago. Lloyd moved to Tucson in 2010 with his wife and three children and is a licensed contractor. As the owner of Dorado Designs he looks forward to developing close relationships with clients and vendors.

Contact Lloyd at lloyd@doradodesigns.com


Senior Designer

Janice has been interested in interior design her whole life and made her dream a reality more than 15 years ago. She learned many important things in her first two careers as a NICU Nurse and an Addictions Counselor, that she is able to use while designing. She loves to see living spaces transformed, blending the functional with the fabulous. She will keep your best interest in mind when designing your space so that the end result reflects your design style. Her goal is to create a beautiful space while developing a relationship that will continue on when your project is complete.

Contact Janice at janice@doradodesigns.com


Design Build Coordinator

Sara has been following her passion for Interior Design for 20 years. She began in the Cruise Ship industry designing cruise ships for Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises and has been working in the residential field for several years. She enjoys the details, coordinating everything right down to the last inch (more like millimeter), making sure that everything is just the way you want it.

Contact Sara at sara@doradodesigns.com


Design Assistant

Judy is living the dream! During her husband's military career, Judy has "set up house" at least 15 times in 24 years. With four overseas and four stateside assignments, she has experienced many cultures and design styles. Judy takes pride in her ability to have made each house their perfect home for her family, at every stop (no matter how short). Finally "home" in Tucson, Judy couldn't wait to further her education and she has earned her Associate's degree in Computer Aided Drafting. Filled with excitement, Judy's energy and her experiences are focused on you and the space of your dreams. We are happy to have Judy on the Dorado Designs team.

Contact Judy at judy@doradodesigns.com


Account Manager and Executive Assistant

Deedee manages our accounting department as her first priority, but as with many small and family-owned businesses she wears additional hats whenever needed. She has many years of experience in the “back office” and has worked across multiple industries. She enjoys working at Dorado Designs because of the versatile nature of the business and she believes is it always a bonus when the process brings anticipation, excitement, and joy to its amazing clients.

Contact Deedee at deedee@doradodesigns.com